About Us


It’s the idea that we as humans all make the world a more enjoyable place when we act out of love, for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters everywhere. The brand AD LOVE has its roots in tennis, where "advantage" and “luv” are part of game scoring. Tennis is a wonderful metaphor for life, because when we choose to participate with passion and purpose, our experience is rooted in joy for the game. It matters less whether we win or lose on a particular day, rather what counts is the effort we put into being our best selves. In other words, when we act out of love for ourselves and the game, everybody wins. Advantage Love.

"No one changes the world who isn't obsessed."

- Billie Jean King

At AD LOVE, we are obsessed with promoting love through the love we have found in the tennis community.

"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life"
— Arthur Ashe

AD LOVE wants to help under resourced children enjoy playing the game of tennis, and to help them get the education they need to thrive as successful adults. That’s why we give one dollar for every apparel item and hat sold, and 10% of all profits to our partner tennis non profits: New York Junior Tennis & Learning and Norwalk Grassroots Tennis & Education. NYJTL and NGTE are both part of a network of more than 365 National Junior Tennis & Learning chapters across the United States, all supported in part by the USTA Foundation. The concept for NJTLs? - Created by Arthur Ashe.

This video that AD LOVE produced in partnership with Norwalk Grassroots will show you how they, NYJTL and other NJTL chapters are changing lives every day.

NJTLs represent the very principles that form the idea behind AD LOVE.  And that is why we created AD LOVE - to share and promote these principles with people everywhere, and to help support kids in growing to become confident, fulfilled adults.

About the Founders

Scott (left) and Brent (right) Hardy, the co-founders of AD LOVE, are living their dream. As lifelong tennis players and passionate tennis fans, they decided to start a tennis inspired apparel company to serve people everywhere.

After years of working in the tech world, Scott decided that he wanted to create a business that tapped into his passion for tennis while acting as a vehicle for positivity and change. He didn't have to twist Brent's arm very hard to get him to join him. Together, they were inspired by the kind and open nature of the tennis community that they were a part of and drew upon that experience to create a brand that was mission-driven, uplifting and inspirational. From there, AD LOVE was born.

They now focus their print designs on themes that are born from a foundation of self love and love for all. These themes include courage, gratitude, compassion, appreciation of diversity, integrity, playfulness, kindness, and more.

“It is a dream come true to have the opportunity to turn our life’s work into serving a community and promoting values we care so deeply about”, says older brother Scott. Younger brother Brent agrees adding, “Tennis is about inclusion, and being our best selves. What better mission than to promote those ideals?”.

Okay, enough talk about tennis already. Let’s get out and play!

With gratitude,
Scott and Brent Hardy
Founders of AD LOVE