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A player who adds love...

Meet Eliot Potvin.  Director of Tennis at the Racket and Fitness Center in Portland, Maine.  Amazing player, instructor, outdoors enthusiast, and ambassador of all that is great about tennis.  Find out more about Eliot at, and if you are in the Portland area, stop by and say hi.  Better yet, take a lesson with Eliot. :) Subscribe to this blog's RSS feed using

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How AD LOVE all began

Hi!  I am Scott Hardy, and this is my daughter Amelia.  I'd like to share with you what inspired me to create a brand called AD LOVE.  A love of the game, and the people who play it. That's what started this idea - to create an apparel brand for tennis people, that speaks to tennis people.  But the brand is more than about tennis, it is about an idea.  It is about the need for all of humanity to give more love through our words and our actions.  Just like the survival of tennis itself depends on our love for the game, our survival on Earth depends on our love for each other, and for all life. I've been playing tennis...

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