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AD LOVE Stories: How Denis Indondo and his family found peace in Maine

Last week, AD LOVE founder, Scott Hardy, sat down with Denis Indondo. A man with a remarkable story to share. The game of tennis has impacted life, pulled him across international borders and assisted him through some extremely difficult times. Simply put - we were incredibly moved that he was willing to share his narrative with the AD LOVE community. For those of you unfamiliar, AD LOVE Stories is a recurring blog series that we will be creating throughout 2019. The goal of this segment is to celebrate all of the amazing ways that tennis is helping to spread love, through stories and videos created by the AD LOVE team. This week’s story epitomizes that goal. Denis Indondo was born...

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AD LOVE Stories: How the Hardy Bros Fell in Love with Tennis

The history of AD LOVELast year, we founded AD LOVE with a simple mission--to spread love using tennis as a vehicle. Simply put, it’s been a blast. Over the last 12 months we’ve gotten the chance to hear your stories, meet many of you in-person and connect over a game and a goal that we’re incredibly passionate about. This year, we’re hoping to do even more. How? We’re sharing the stories of those who have impacted us through our regular AD LOVE Stories blog series and inspiring the AD LOVE movement through the AD LOVE Challenge series--which helps our followers make the world a better place through simple, small, and enjoyable means. We’re thrilled to have begun 2019 with such...

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AD LOVE STORIES - Bridget & John

First off, a big thank you As we near the end of 2018, we can’t help but think about how grateful we are to be surrounded by such a supportive community. After we launched AD LOVE earlier this year, we were overwhelmed by the support we received from not only our friends and family but from members of the greater tennis community. Many of whom shared stories of how tennis has impacted their lives. Some of you have met best friends, life partners, and business partners through the sport. Others have turned to the game to help through difficult times, or relied on the sport as youth for fun and camaraderie, or to keep you motivated and engaged in school....

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