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What The Greatest Rivalries in Tennis Can Teach Us About Love

Although tennis is synonymous with being a “gentleman’s sport”, it’s also a game that’s featured some of the most bitter (and engaging!) rivalries in recent memory. Billie Jean King and Margaret Court duked it out in the 60s and 70s, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras held the nation captive as they each fought for the title of #1 through the 90s, and the Williams sisters have “wowed” us time-and-time again with their on-court battles. While the tennis court has long been a place to fight for fame and glory - it’s also a place where sportsmanship, kindness, self-respect, and love have taken center stage. Below, we have listed three of the most epic tennis rivalries of all time - and...

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Have you heard of these guys? 5 tennis players we should all look up to!

Have you heard of these guys? 5 tennis players we should all look up to. Tennis has long been a sport that gives back—from our National Junior Tennis & Learning partners NYJTL and Norwalk Grassroots Tennis & Education, to the USTA Foundation as a whole—the organizers surrounding tennis have a long track record of making a difference. The sport’s greatest stars have also gotten in on the action too—the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health and the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education have both made amazing contributions—as has Serena Williams's long-time work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. There’s no doubt—the sport’s great athletes have made a positive impact. We all know that the stars at the top of tennis give...

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A player who adds love...

Meet Eliot Potvin.  Director of Tennis at the Racket and Fitness Center in Portland, Maine.  Amazing player, instructor, outdoors enthusiast, and ambassador of all that is great about tennis.  Find out more about Eliot at, and if you are in the Portland area, stop by and say hi.  Better yet, take a lesson with Eliot. :) Subscribe to this blog's RSS feed using

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