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How To Win More Matches Without Touching The Ball!

Okay, today we're going to take a look at some easy steps to make you the best player you can be without even working a minute on your strokes!  Here are two great considerations you can use each time you have a match. Part 1 - Nutrition We all know that a healthy diet overall leads to better physical performance, but there are specific things you can do on the day of a match that will make a big difference too.  For instance, three to four hours before a match you should give your body the right blend of foods to provide energy stores for the match to come.  This energy should come from a meal comprised primarily of carbohydrates (pasta, bread, rice,...

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5 Tennis Workouts To Get Ready For The Outdoor Season

This week, in the northern hemisphere, marked the spring equinox - the formal change of seasons from winter to spring. Of course, if you live in Maine like I do, there is still snow on the ground and we are bound to get some more of the white fluffy stuff before the end of April, but I am in no way bitter about that!?#$%&!@! Hahaha. :) Regardless, there will soon be wonderful weather for outdoor tennis, and for many of us that is when tennis season really begins. So what can we do to help us get physically prepared to enjoy playing the sport we love, while minimizing the risk for injury? We at AD LOVE have curated what we...

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