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June 7'th - with expert camera girl Claire (12) and roaming still photographer Ella (10), Brent took advantage of the first dry day in what seemed like months and recorded the first 3 episodes of the AD LOVE 60 series!  These will be 60 second instructional videos posted weekly on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.  And you can easily go back and search our video archive on our AD LOVE YouTube Channel. We're totally encouraging viewer interaction and want to hear how we can help tune your game!  Drop us a line or send a video submission that shows the part of your game that's giving you trouble.      

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AD LOVE participates in it's first partner fundraiser with Norwalk Grassroots Tennis & Education!

We were thrilled to be part of the fundraising efforts at the Play In May tournament at Tokeneke Club in Darien, CT on May 5th!  This tournament saw record player participation on a beautiful day with people playing their hearts out to benefit the terrific work that continues at Norwalk Grassroots Tennis & Education (NGTE).   Pictured here from left to right is Brent (AD LOVE), Daniel Pearson (NGTE), Betsy McNeil (NGTE) and Scott (AD LOVE).

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The Hardy Boys get down for some pre-launch product development

To get some face to face working time with his brother and business partner Brent, Scott drove down to Brent's NJ home from Maine on Friday the 13th of April after we both met with the great people at USTA New England outside of Boston (see prior post).  Yesterday, after hitting the ball around for an hour at a local court to get in the right frame of mind, we got down to work and started looking at product samples and talking potential designs for our summer 2018 launch.  Lots of great shirts and accessories planned!

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