NYJTL X AD LOVE Draw for Love Challenge

On November 30, 2018 AD LOVE and New York Junior Tennis & Learning partnered to host the first-ever NYJTL X AD LOVE Draw for Love Challenge.

The challenge?

Over 1,000 students in the NYJTL ACES Program created t-shirt designs featuring elements of New York City, love and (of course) tennis. Although we received hundreds of amazing designs, we had to choose just one winning design to be made and sold as an AD LOVE shirt.

The winner?

Conor, an 8th grader from the Bronx came up with the winning design. He blew us away with his talent and thoughtfulness. We’re thrilled to share that Conor’s shirt is now for sale, here. This limited edition design is printed on a 100% cotton long sleeve t-shirt, and 100% of the profits from its sale will go to benefit NYJTL’s transformative tennis and education programs--which better children across New York City with opportunities such as tennis classes, art classes, and educational enrichment.


AD LOVE co-founder Scott Hardy had the privilege of sitting down with Conor for a quick interview after his winning design was announced.

Conor has a passion for both tennis and the arts--he got into drawing in the 6th grade after his friends introduced him to his more creative side. He’s lived in the Bronx for his entire life and started in the NYJTL ACES Program after his brother told him what an awesome opportunity it was. He was quick to share that the after-school program provides far more than tennis--it facilitates opportunities for art, chorus, cheer, and other sports. Conor first started in the chorus group and immediately fell in love with it.

Conor was also eager to share that his time in the program has helped to expand his passions in other areas while building his confidence to try new things and make new friends. Although he never played tennis before joining the ACES Program, he has grown an admiration for the sport and loves “the challenge that tennis brings”. He credits tennis with helping him to hone his focus and openness with new people.

Currently, Conor is working to get into LaGuardia High School of Music & Art, a performing arts school in Manhattan. His passion for art and excitement for challenging academics has drawn him to the school and we wish him the best of luck as he moves forward in his education.

Conor is thrilled that his shirt has been chosen as the winner of the Draw for Love Challenge. He shared that to see someone wearing the design he created would be “the most amazing thing in the world”.

To support kids like Conor, and the entire NYJTL program, please considering purchasing the Limited Edition Draw for Love Challenge shirt, here.

For more information on NYJTL and the amazing work that they do, click here.