AD LOVE Stories - Officer Daisy Rivera Sanchez

Born and raised by her mother in Bronx, NY, Daisy was like a lot of other kids her age.  She spent most afternoons playing basketball with her friends and whoever else showed up for a game. That is until a councilor named York Chu at Bronx International Youth Tennis Center, a chapter of NYJTL located across the street, reached out.  

As you can see, it didn’t take long for Daisy to fall head over heels in love with tennis and everything it offers. At the age 14 she asked her then NYJTL coach, Alberto Lunar, if he would help her get certified to teach tennis. He was able to get Daisy enrolled in PTR classes and obtain certification free through the program, and very soon after Daisy was teaching preschoolers. She went on to teach intermediate and then advanced players as she herself was taking her game to new levels -- first in high school and then playing all four years at John Jay College, where she graduated with a degree in criminal justice.

When asked about some of the things she learned while still a youngster in NYJTL, Daisy remembered, “You meet different people, you meet different races, you meet people that you would think you would never have anything in common with and you learn how to build relationships through the game of tennis with the help of all of these amazingly talented men and women who are guiding you through it.  It’s just…if I could relive it again, I would do it three times harder!”

Those men and women are people like York Chu, Scott Daly, Evgeni Bantovsky and Alberto Lunar, all people from within NYJTL that had such an amazing impact on Daisy.

“These are the people I would do absolutely anything for”.  

Because of these individuals and their passion not only for tennis, but for LOVE of people, Daisy has become the shining star that she is! It is from the love she received that she is able to thoroughly immerse herself in giving love back to next generation of kids coming up.  

“That’s why I love to continue to speak to you, to Joe, coming here to the Cary Leeds Center to speak to kids…it doesn’t matter how old they are, speaking to parents to motivate their kids, explaining to them how this is not just a game, how it becomes part of your life.  You grow so much love for this game, it’s like, so passionate, it’s almost like you’re married to it!”

Asked how exactly she is involved these days, Daisy explains:

Still playing 3-4 days a week, Daisy and her coworkers just started an NYPD tennis team with the hopes of growing a league that would include the NYFD, Yonkers PD, State Troopers, etc.  Their goal is to not only establish a thriving league, but also to make it possible for members to attend some of the crown jewels of tennis, like Wimbledon, The French Open, Australian Open, and of course the US Open.