AD LOVE STORIES - Bridget & John

First off, a big thank you

As we near the end of 2018, we can’t help but think about how grateful we are to be surrounded by such a supportive community. After we launched AD LOVE earlier this year, we were overwhelmed by the support we received from not only our friends and family but from members of the greater tennis community. Many of whom shared stories of how tennis has impacted their lives.

Some of you have met best friends, life partners, and business partners through the sport. Others have turned to the game to help through difficult times, or relied on the sport as youth for fun and camaraderie, or to keep you motivated and engaged in school. Simply put, we were incredibly honored to hear how tennis has impacted your life and helped you to share a message of love.

Our mission

When we started this company, our mission was simple. We wanted to do more than just sell tennis shirts, we wanted to spread love using tennis as a vehicle. Why? Because we think that tennis is uniquely positioned to bring people together as a community. Tennis is played all over the country and all over the world. With over 250,000 tennis courts across the U.S. and over 28 million tennis players in this country alone - there’s plenty of opportunity for people to play this sport. That level of accessibility makes this game pretty special. In addition, the framework of USTA leagues across the country helps to connect players from different regions and brings a sense of community to town courts and clubs. Simply put, there is nothing else like it.

Given that our mission is to spread love, we want AD LOVE to give back to the next generation and leave a positive impression on the community, and sport, that has given us so much. That’s why we donate 10% of all profits plus one dollar per shirt sold to our National Junior Tennis & Learning partners, NYJTL and Norwalk Grassroots Tennis.


Looking ahead to 2019, we can’t help but want to do more to further this mission. In a world where content is king, we want to be the ones sharing the stories of the unsung heroes, the underdogs and the love warriors who are bringing optimism, positive energy and a sense of integrity to the world. That’s why we’ll be launching AD LOVE STORIES as a recurring blog series in 2019. This segment will celebrate all of the amazing ways that tennis is helping to spread love in 2019, through stories and videos created by the AD LOVE team.  

To kick off things off, we want to share a story that came to us via our newly hired Marketing Strategist, Katie Casper. She’s been ingrained in the tennis community for most of her life and has come across a few of these narratives herself--one of which resonated with us.

The story of Bridget & John

Katie’s mother and stepfather, Bridget & John, have been tennis players for over 40 years. Both previously married, they revived their passion for the sport through USTA league tennis after their respective divorces. They each viewed the sport as a way to get outside, meet a new circle of friends and enjoy time off--but they never expected it to take the turn it did.

While at USTA New England Districts, both Bridget and John’s respective teams were working to advance, and the matches were tight. With a chance to move on to Sectionals, Bridget’s team lost in a close match. The deciding tiebreaker featured some chaotic moments when a USTA official made a scoring error that confused both players and resulted in long delays as everyone tried to piece together what the correct score should be.

Bridget saw the commotion from the viewing area and watched the prolonged discussion. John was waiting in the same area and they ended up chatting. He was immediately impressed by her positive approach to the difficult situation and the kind manner in which she treated the USTA official. It was clear from how she handled the exchange that she had a love for the sport and true appreciation for the tennis community--and was focused on enjoying the day, not just winning the game.

“I was immediately impressed with how she treated everyone with kindness and respect--the official, the other team, and her own teammates. It was a tough call, and a tough loss, but she was clearly focused on treating everyone with empathy, and not just winning the game”. - John  

With her team sticking around to celebrate a great season, Bridget and John reconnected after his match and exchanged information. They ended up going to the US Open Women’s Finals a few weeks later.

Several hundred tennis matches, and 14 U.S. Opens later, the two eloped on a mountain in northern New Hampshire and remain doubles partners to this day.  

If only the line judge knew the true impact of those scoring errors…

We want to hear your story!

Do you have a great tennis story that you want to share with us? We want to read it! Simply send your ideas to and we’ll be in touch. We’re especially interested in hearing from those who have used the game to overcome adversity, or connect with others outside of their immediate community.

As an added bonus, if you send us a story that we publish as an AD LOVE STORY, we’ll send you a free AD LOVE shirt.

What’s AD LOVE?
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